A Comparison Review of Alienware M11x VS Dell Studio XPS 14

Although manufactured by the same producer, Dell Studio XPS 14 versus Alienware M11X can provide different satisfaction for the consumer. One type of laptop may fulfill particular standards needed by the user while other one does not. Identifying how a laptop may fulfill the user is seen from how laptop meets their need, the way the user will mainly use the laptop. Individuals will use a laptop in a range of between performing work and enjoying yourself.

Dell Alienware M11x Picture
Dell Alienware M11x Picture

When compare and contrast Alienwate M11x  and STudio XPS 14, often we experienced with many options by which every one of them has nearly the same level of quality and specs. If we are actually in times similar to this we should be really smart and careful in making a choice. 

Dell Studio XPS 14 indea Picture
Dell Studio XPS 14 Indea Picture

Selecting a wrong one can lead to failure. For instance, there are two Dell items, M11X and XPS 14. We may like the M11X for its better chipset processor Intel Q557 and has an extended battery lifetime. 

Dell Alienware M11x India Picture
Dell Alienware M11x India Picture

Even so, the XPS 14 isn't a worse laptop compared to the M11X. It's 2 fresh functions now, the High Defintion camera and also the three dimentional output to television with HDMI 1.4. Placing an i7 Quad Core or even a 820 i7 onto it can give no problem. Furthermore GPU efficiency, the 335M GT and 435M Nvidia would not be much difference. Again, for choosing a laptop, we need to think about whatever we actually need, then we choose whatever meets our use of laptop like gaming, heavy work or entertainment.

Dell Studio XPS 14 Picture
Dell Studio XPS 14 Picture


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Here's another side by side comparison of the alienware m14x and the dell xps 14

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